A chip off the ole block

My middle child working on the computer like his amazing dad for “bring your parent to school day”

@ Gary -

My middle child … I had a good laugh on that one!

I’d say that and two of the children would ask me… Which one?

Four children here.

@ willgeorge - I grew up in a family of 8 kids, 7 boys and 1 girl. My mom would go through the roster of names before she got to the right one, it was kind of funny especially when she was mad about something.

I see that his hands are off the keyboard and he’s got that “what the hell do I do now look” on his face… A chip off the ole block, eh??? :smiley:

So, now GHI has moved down from monkey labor to child labor? Gary gets sick and everything just falls apart over there…

Yep, that accurately describes 90% of my day! :whistle:

Speaking of Monkey labor, where’s the GHI monkey in that pic? :slight_smile:

@ devhammer - That pic is from his school and not the office.

@ Gary - Ah. Misread the name of the occasion. Still, seems like it would have been an opportune time to stage a flying monkey invasion. :wink:

@ Gary - Are you sure that’s your son as his screen is orientated correctly, just saying…


@ devhammer - Great, I go for parent day and I end up in the principles office! :whistle:

@ Duke Nukem - I haven’t taught him the way yet…lol