A challenger for Raspberry PI


An android based dev kit for $49

Nice :slight_smile:

Looks promising…
Hope they dont have the same problems, that rasperry got…

Long delay, defect prototypes…


Thanks for the link!

With prices like that you don’t make a profit.
I give them a few months, max a year.
Raspberry was started from non-profit and an android os will probably be ported soon, if not already done.
Raspberry wins, they fail.
My opinion of course

From what I understand, this one is produced by VIA and not another start-up. I would hope their experience in producing motherboards will ensure it’s success. However, they are going to have a hard time competing price-wise with Raspberry Pi. What I suspect this really means is that this is the start of motherboard manufacturers jumping into this super small board space which could certainly get interesting if Intel, etc. decide to play also.

It runs Android…so what. I don’t have anything against Android, on the contrary, but whats the use of boards like these?

None! but it is cool and cheap…so many will buy it :slight_smile:

@ EriSan500 (Eric) - I expect its what people do with them that they were not designed for that will be the most interesting.

You can make a nice naturmort picture with it. Using a banana for example. :smiley:

I am sure you can do alot with it. Same as with any other small form factor mother boards out there.

Well, I’ll save the money to spend at GHI.

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Thanks for the link!. Now it would be a piece of cake to make a NAS device.

And how are you going to connect HD’s? As far as I could see it has 0 sata connections.

USB, I assume. It’s quite suboptimal, however, because as far as I know, USB-attached hard drives never power themselves down…

If it had wifi, it would make a nice base for a voip camera door phone :slight_smile:

I’m set up to get a notification when pre-orders are ready. I’ll grab this and the Pi. They’re both so cheap just having boards to experiment w/ is worth it. I might use one of them as my introduction into porting NETMF or getting back into doing ASM work.