A bit OTT

Justin ordered some new toys from uk.mouser.com

Cerbino Bee
2x Xbee pro

Got a email from mouser…

The order you placed may be controlled by the Bureau of Industry Security and need to fill in a form to see if i’m not creating a cruise missile etc…

Happy days…

Are you? :slight_smile:

arduino for cruise missiles. fez for intercontinental missiles.

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Well it is going in a UAV…

  • a G120 when they appear :slight_smile:

Did you have other items in your order than made them think you were building a projectile of sorts?

Wasn’t there a law about exporting 32bit processors!!! Maybe this made sense 30 years ago but now any toy has a 32bit!.. anything less is forbidden at GHI :slight_smile:

And in a week Gus will be teasing us about multicore 64bit FEZ.

@ brightidea - no just the 2 items - i was having a laugh about cruise missiles etc
Appears to be some fluff about encryption…

Seems normal for mouser.com
I ordered last year a few LPC936 (8-Bit 8051 family) and got the same paper.
The second time I ordered a development kit for a analog processor from AD (also8-Bit 8051 family), again I got this paper.
My answers where always “bulding a washing mashine”

I will never order anymore by mouser.com !

Sounds like a flash washing machine :wink: