A big thank you with FEZ Cerberus gifts

Hello TinyCLR communitiy,
We would like to thank you for the outstanding support that you are giving to GHI Electronics, TinyCLR community and all of the FEZ family. You are the source of our success and our motivation.

We would like to give away some gifts and prizes to you from the new FEZ Cerberus family. You will get FEZ Cerberus before anyone on this planet. :wink:

The members who participated in .NET Gadgeteer piezo contest gets a free FEZ Cerberus Basic Kit:
Robert Jacobs

Our FEZ Kings get a free FEZ Cerberus Basic Kit:
Robert Jacobs

If you are a FEZ King and also participated in the contest then you will get a free FEZ Cerberus Basic kit, FEZ Cerb40 and a Gadgeteer module of your choice of a $25 value.

A special thank you gift to our FEZ Hero Mike for all the time and efforts you spent to help our products specially with FEZ Hydra. Please accept a free FEZ Cerberus Basic Kit as a gift.

If you see you name in the lists, make sure that you got the correct shipping address with your GHI account. and send us an email to ghielec at ghielectronics.com from the email associated with your account.

Thank you very much!

Thank you very much!
Will head over looking for a module right away ! ;D ;D

Super nice nice! Thanks!

Thank you!

Wow … proof again that GHI rocks hard!!


kudos to GHI and the people getting the goodies.


Well well well

Congrats to GHI on the Cerberus !

Congrats to the noise (peizo) makers !

Congrats to the FEZ Kings !

Thanks a LOT GHI!

As always very generous!!!
Enjoy it guys. you deserve it!

MANY thanks to you Gus! I’m very excited about Cerberus. Thank you for listening to the community and delivering a powerful board at a low price! I can’t wait to see what you have coming next :slight_smile:

I placed an order last night. If it hasn’t shipped out already feel free to combine them.

I recall not too long ago people were thinking that Gadgeteer boards couldn’t be much smaller or cheaper than the Hydra.

GHI continues to impress!

you guys rock*.

And I am humbled by your contributions back to the community.

:smiley: cool

Thank you GHI!

What module did you guys order? ;D

I think many of us are yet to be “Kinged” :wink:

Congrads guys and thanks Gus for making this forum the place to be for both Gadgeteer pro’s and soon to be pro’s.

So when do we get to order the resulting modules from this contest? I haven’t bought any new modules since ordering the Cerberus and some other goodies Thursday night and I’m starting to get the shakes here :slight_smile:

It was nice getting back from my trip as there was devhammer’s IR module and another box of modules sitting on my desk waiting for me.

Just got mine!

Thanks again GHI! :dance:

Sounds like Pete may have some MIDI Modules available soon:


Would that help with your withdrawal symptoms? :wink:

I am waiting to get a few of my DaisyLink Piezo from DorkbotPDX. I will be offering it after testing.

whoops, better get on the email to GHI to get the journey started ??? Busy week : ::slight_smile: