A bicycle computer is made by Microsoft using FEZ Cobra

The NETMF blog is taking you in steps on how to make a bike computer. Everything is detailed and slow steps so it should be fun to follow.

This is what was available at the time this post was made:

Also check here as new posts may have been added too http://blogs.msdn.com/b/netmfteam/

i dunno why but I can’t say i remember seeing this post when it was originally released, but I was just going to post that they finally said “Cobra” in http://blogs.msdn.com/b/netmfteam/archive/2010/07/12/mounting-the-hardware-on-the-bike.aspx, otherwise the rest of the time they conveniently skipped over the fact that this was one of the newest coolest hardware platforms on the market !
Nice one GHI getting this out to others to try, and nice one Colin and .NetMF team.

Microsoft had FEZ Cobra long before we announced it so we asked them not to mention the name till now :wink:

Very cool.

I have been unintentionally following this project for a while. Nice to see it turn to frutation.

I have been reading on this too.

Lucky guys - they get to play all day and get paid too :slight_smile:

Some day … Some day