8 COM Ports

I’m building a UAV and everything seems to be serial driven!

I have used COM1 and COM2 for GPS and XBEE, I need about another 6 COM ports.

Is there a sheild for this, or is it possible to remap this many pins on a Domino.

What is my best solution?

if you only need to send then you can do that on every single pin…so you have about 30 UARTs!

You can also connect up to 128 USB<->serial cables to domino’s USB host port

Thanks for that!

Some devices will be send only, so some example code for that would be great! :smiley:

Most are send and receive, so how do I go about this USB<-> Serial via USB host port?

Is the hardware setup like USB Host to 8 port USB hub, each USB Hob port to serial via what device?? and then how would I access the new serial ports in code?

USB is explained in ebook. See serial LCD driver to learn about output compare. I think this is also in ebook

FEZ Domino supports USB hubs.

Do you know of any USB to TTL serial hub module??

I haven’t heard of something called Serial Hub.
There are a lot of USB hubs that you can connect multiple USB to Serial cables to.

And please make sure you buy a FTDI susb-serial cable. These cables have a FTDI chip, which makes it more easy to use them. (my experience)

They do sell chips with a usb - UART quad converter, but I do not know a product yet.

This is a FTDI cable: (I own this one)

Datasheet at the bottom of the page.

Parallax also makes some nice small USB to TTL level serial boards that are great for prototyping: [url]http://www.parallax.com/tabid/768/txtSearch/propclip/List/0/SortField/4/Default.aspx[/url]

One warning about the FTDI chip-sets for use on the PC (I use one when using COM1 for the debug transport on the FEZ): if you have two different devices that uses two different versions of the FTDI driver you can’t use them at the same time. This is likely only to happen if the device has a customized version of the FTDI driver. If it advertises ‘No Driver Required’ then it will use the FTDI driver you have installed or find the latest one.

You could also make a board with three of these on it:

If you’re only transmitting you should be able to drive it via the SPI/I2C i/f fairly easily.

You can connect USB<->serial RS232 cables. Use some hubs and you can have tens of RS232 ports!