7" Sunlight LCD

This weekend I will be starting my hunt for a touchscreen 7" lcd which can be read in near-direct sunlight. I know I need to look for something with RGB interface.

I was wondering if anyone had any experience in this arena, and could give me some pointers or tips? Even product suggestions are welcome.

(I’m running a Cobra II with CP7 right now, and it’s just not bright enough)

Here’s one option:

I don’t have time to interface with it at the RGB level, so I went with a VGA shortcut in my particular application.

I know Iggmoe, we talked about your solution before. It’s a good one, but don’t fit my application. I’m really looking for CP7 with sunlight capability.

@ JustinKScott - Ha! Amnesia kicking in :slight_smile:

@ andre.m

The polarising filter trick does not work as well as they say it does. I tried it before on a 3.5" display and it actually reduced the display contrast but was still hard to read in sunlight.

@ JustinKScott

If you can use a 5" display with the same resolution as the 7", have a look at the 5" capacitive touch from Newhaven in the TFT section. They claim it is sunlight readable and it does have a high CD factor. I have the standard version and will switch to this new unit soon to give it a try. The RGB interface I can confirm works with the GHI modules.