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6 yr old BrainPad programmer - Tech Talk - 037


Happy Father’s Day - to all the Dads out there.

Testing the BrainPad with a first-grade elementary school student.
Thanks to the BrainPad’s technology, a six-year old kid can start to learn programming, but more importantly have fun with STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math).


So .NETMF is older than she is. How cute!

The startled look on her face when it was a different beep was so worth it. Visual Basic is very forgiving.


The young lady looks familiar. She likes to talk… she is technically adept… At first I thought she was Gus’s daughter, but she is too beautiful…


I don’t know Mike, don’t you think @ Gus is pretty? :wink:


@ devhammer - I think the answer to your question is one of personal taste/choice…


great live programming lesson!


@ Mike - you, in fact, have asked me out before? It was years ago, so I am guessing I am now too old for you!


True… True… I did ask you out… Actually, you are getting cuter lately…


Good job Gus!


If she can post pictures the right way up too, she should have Gary’s job. :whistle:


My new favorite Tech Talk. An awesome young lady.


@ Dave McLaughlin - you are now dead to me.


@ ianlee74 - no one likes a suck up.


@ Gary - I think Gus likes it.


My wife does… :wink:


Or she likes that you stay out in the workshop and that you leave her alone most of the time!