6 Button Module!

Hey guys, we just got pictures of the 6 button module prototype and I’ll be picking it up soon.


Glad you like it!

We’ve already planned an order for 20 production modules but I think we’ll open up pre-orders with a slight discount see if we can’t manage a larger first run.

Colored buttons are almost as exciting as LEDs :slight_smile:

oooh there’s an interesting combination, lit buttons :slight_smile:

HHaha yeah I could give you RBG lit LED buttonsM if you don’t mind triple the cost

How about an alternate version that replaces the four buttons with a joystick :slight_smile:

There’s no compatible socket for that. A 4whole button mod would be fine but I don’t know if even GHI (who has interrupt pins beyond what’s reuired) has a socket w 2 analogs and 4the interrupts. I’d have to put in a chip on there and make it it I2C

An A socket has 3 analogs and 1 GPIO. Maybe treat one of the buttons as analog? You could do some magic in the driver to make it transparent to the user.

I’ll definitely keep it in mind. Each prototype costs a few hundres and we’ve still got one surprise board in the works. Something I know a lot of you have been wanting.

Do you know you can have 10 buttons on one analog pin? You just few resistors :slight_smile:

I’m guessing you’re talking about using the resistors to set the voltage back from each button and figure out which one is being pressed by the value off the read. But then you’d have to do polling. Which may be useful if we did a big board wif load of buttons :slight_smile:

I got the 2 prototype modules in hand today and the both work perfectly! We’ve already got a module firmware ready to go! :smiley:

I’m considering changing the SMD components to PTH and offering the board either assembled or as a kit; that way you’d be able to mount things how you like, use different buttons, and save yourself a couple of bucks.


If you could offer it both ways, that’d be best, IMO. Personally, I’d probably order at least one as a kit, just purely because I need more experience soldering, and because it’d be fun to put together. :slight_smile:

That’s what I was thinking sell as a kit and then offer assembled too for a couple bucks difference.

Count me in. I will pre-order one kit.

If it is up to me, kit for many reasons…that is reasons from customer side and even from your side. If you do kit then you do not need expensive manufacturing.

Buy your buttons in bulk from china, do some internet searching. In volume, this should cost you under $5 for everything including PCB, parts, bag, card. But, since you do not have GHI’s buying power and connections, your cost maybe over $5 but still under $10. Sell it for $20 retail and everyone will be happy I think.

It is not what you are thinking. I would stick with kits. The $2 more will give you too much work, headaches and responsibilities. But where is the fun in it if it is not challenging, right? :slight_smile:

Where is this module anyway?

There didn’t seem to be a lot of interest at the time. I ended up pouring quite a bit of money into GameSlate instead. Unfortunately the hardware company I hired backed out 2 weeks before their delivery deadline and left me with nothing to show for it.

The button module is pretty cheap and easy, I wouldn’t really need a hardware team to bring it back if there’s interest.

I’ve actually used the one prototype I have here since I got it in a device.

Would the interest be in a 6 button module? Maybe a 4 button with a couple LEDs? I’d be happy to work with the community to bring something in. I think there is a definite lack of options for buttons unless you want to chew through your sockets or have a bunch of cables.

I have one sitting on my desk, a 6 button module. We are still undecided on how we would go about this module, why not 7 buttons? Small buttons? Large buttons?.. simple but too many options!