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5V input


Can’t search for 5V so have to ask. Must be number in front.
What is the 5V input range limits on like fez?
I have a 7.2v NIMH battery. Don’t want to regulate it if not required. tia


Most TTL circuits specify .25V either side so 4.75V to 5.25V. It’s best to keep to that.

Cheers Ian


On which Fez?


It really doesn’t matter about the FEZ. All the sheilds and such usually sport TTL chips. CMOS doesn’t care about fixed voltages so to keep compatible, just assume TTL.

Cheers Ian


The processor on FEZ only needs 3.3V so 5V is not an issue but you have to look at other things in your system


I’m asking because it seems like it may be one of two questions…

Either he wants to use 7.2V on a digital input (which will probably damage the pin), or he wants to power the FEZ with it. If powering the FEZ it’s not so bad, but reading input’s using 7.2V on a digital pin can be bad. The pins are 5V tolerant, but not much more than that.


William… Just put a DC plug on the battery and plug it in the power socket, It’ll be fine.

Cheers Ian