5A of H-Brige with PWM in a .Net board

I’ve not been here for a few months. The day-job has more than kept me occupied. However, having started this project in September last year (2015) and designed and ordered the PCBs from DF Robot before Christmas, it tool 'til last week to actually get enough spare time (vacation from work even though it’s for work) to put this together and write some test code.

I has four PWM controlled h-bridges (up to 4A) as well as four high-power digital switches all able to run at 24V, FTDI RS232 to USB interface a couple of de-bounced switch inputs and all unused ports, including the RS232 in case I want to use BLE or a WiFi bridge on a daughter board.

It was originally designed to drive a couple of 24V linear actuators that are spec’d to move up to 1000N so I would stress-test some outdoor product designs whilst they were housed in an environmental test chamber. The forces applied are measured using a force gauge and the output from that determines the extension or contraction of the linear actuator. It’s not all assembled yet but the hardware built and tested 100% first time; not even a dry joint or solder bridge after reflowing. :whistle: :whistle:

I’ll keep you posted on how it works out.



Nice board !! and sounds like a cool project

It suffered from a fair amount of scope creep before the schematic was finalised, but hopefully I have a board now that will cover several applications of this type.