54 LED's on a S or Y Socket

Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t have too many LED’s :smiley:


I found a few more cables…
Video shows (bit rough) that each LED output has 256 levels of brightness.

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Looks great!

@ Architect - Thanks.

Now I just need to convince every Gadgeteer user they would be lost without one in their toolbox :smiley:

That looks great! I guess it’s time to place another order!

Got that store up yet? :wink:

You must be having a laugh…

It’s getting closer to the top of the todo list…honest… :wink:

Make them red and you either have KITT or the Centurion Cylon. :slight_smile: lol

How many can be chained together? How much? Are they for sale yet?

@ ianlee74 -

  1. Chain s many as you want… :slight_smile:
  2. $11.95 without headers $14.95 with headers soldered on
  3. I have a few ready…

I suppose i should also mention that each bank of 18 outputs can be set to 10ma or 20ma max current via pin headers.
Buy a few and the price goes down…

That idea has been suggested by someone else today :smiley:

It would be really cool if external power could be applied. Then you’d have a one-stop LED cube module. This would still need to be used in conjunction with transistors to power an LED array :frowning:

I see a white connector there. I assume it is to connect an external power source.

Yes, but is that supplying the LED directly or the chips? It sounds like there may be a 20mA limit coming from the chip for each pin. So, for an LED cube you would be limited to only lighting one LED per pin at a time. It appears to be fast enough for that to work fine but you lose intensity.

@ ianlee74 - white connector is just for the LEDs, ic’s are powered off the socket.
Each output can sink up to 30ma but I have chosen 20 and 10ma each.
Can change resistors to 30ma if needed.
So you can draw 54 x 20ma per driver at once to keep the room warm :slight_smile:
Just light them all up at once…

Juzzy, can you add your modules to http://wiki.tinyclr.com/index.php?title=Community_Offers when you get a chance? I can’t keep track of them all :slight_smile:

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Yes, please. Particularly until you get that website done. :smiley:

I’m not ordering anything else from Justin (aka Juzzy) until he either gets his store up or lists the items on the community offers page.

Fellas, can I get a +1???

(just kiddin…)


Yeah !!

I only ask so I can figure out how much money I need to set aside for gadget funds this month :slight_smile:

@ Brett - add a few more $$'s as I have a few more ready :wink:

Yes the site is coming…

Also about to start plotting with SteveP to get him to cover the other side of the big ditch.

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