5" Screen Issue

For some reason I cannot get the screen to work what so ever. I have followed all the instructions as per the user guide and downloaded the device tree overlay etc. Whenever I boot the board the screen does not come on. I’m using a 12V 2A power supply, so it should be ok in that term.

Any ideas?

@ chrisuclan -

Are you referring to the screen on the GHI BeagleBone OSD3358 Dev Kit?

I expect the on-board eMMC should have already been programmed. If not, you can use http://etcher.io to write the microSD image from [url]https://rcn-ee.com/rootfs/bb.org/testing/2016-10-23/lxqt-4gb/bone-debian-8.6-lxqt-4gb-armhf-2016-10-23-4gb.img.xz[/url] to a blank 4GB (or larger) microSD card and boot from there. (An updated image that supports this board will be uploaded to BeagleBoard.org - latest-images soon).

I haven’t seen the user’s guide, but I’m guessing it assumes working with an older image that doesn’t have the display support or the display was updated since the prototype I was given. If there was an update, we’ll need to get Robert Nelson one of these updated boards so that we can make the images work out-of-the-box. The on-board EEPROM should identify the board as the GHI BeagleBone OSD3358 Dev Kit if that is what you are using.

My experience with the dev board is that it comes with a standard Debian image - no overlay for the display, CAN or anything else specific to the dev board. You need to follow the instructions to install the device overlay. I followed those and ended up with a working screen. See : [url]https://www.ghielectronics.com/docs/348/osd3358-developers-guide[/url]

The main variation for me is that I booted from an SD card rather than fiddling around with the eMMC. Once you get it working, you can use the working SD card to flash the eMMC, and then set the SD card aside as a ‘recovery’ image.

Thanks for the feedback and the swift response.

I have taken a copy of the latest image as per above and flashed to an SD card. I have then followed the instructions to load the dto as per the user guide stated and from what I can tell the device tree loads on boot. However, still nothing on the screen not even the back light comes on.

Any ideas? If you have a working image that would be helpful, at least I could eradicate aka software issue.

Many thanks


p.s. I have a board revision 1.2 and it is the OSD3358 Dev board.

@ chrisuclan -

Do you have a serial cable connected? Output of executing the command ‘dmesg’ and/or a serial log from boot-up would be helpful. There are a bunch of debug messages that might have some indication of what is going on. Also, getting a copy of the uEnv.txt file you created would be handy.

thanks i have a serial cable its very helpful. :wink:

Maybe this will help.