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480*272 VS. 640*480 proc requirements



We are currently using the Sharp LQ043T1DG01 and are looking to switch to the LQ104V1DG62 panel. Currently, our unit seems to run slightly sluggish and I’m worried that by increasing the resolution from 480272 to the higher 640480 resolution might make our unit unusable as each pixel placement increases the load on the proc. Has anyone had any experience with this and feedback would be appreciated. If indeed this does slow down the proc, are there any tricks or tips on how to draw the screen to minimize the load?

Also can anyone confirm that the Sharp LQ104V1DG62 will work with this board before we start ordering samples? Thank you.


Are you using TinyCore and WPF? This will slow down your application significantly.


Have looked at videos from skewworks? Also take a look here

The device is fast enough but the problem is in slow WPF. GHI is developing a graphical designer optimized for speed, see this


TinyCore and WPF were the only option until this new Glide stuff, correct?


You can use Bitmap class directly to draw on the screen. See my last post about other examples that do not use glide nor WPF.


There’s also Pyxis 2 ( which is free. You can always get the source and just take what bits you need for your product.