400MHz? Not so FEZ

The main point of Gadgetos has been run on almost any hardware; so last week I went hardware shopping.

Stopped over at DeviceSolutions and checked out the Topaz.
NETMF on a i.MX25?! Shiny!
Let’s find a distributor…here’s one!
Order next day rush @ 3pm!!! (Actually arrived next day!)
Whoops, that’s just the screen; and for $300…
OK order the BOARD, make this one 2nd day.
5 business days later it is here TIME TO PLAY!

Running CE? No worries, off to the site to get drivers and run NETMF.
Huh? Only in ALPHA?

:wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall:

This is what you get when step out of the “FEZ” zone :slight_smile:

Customers always ask, why GHI. I answer, go give others a try and let me know what you think :slight_smile:

Will the other device ever support WiFi and USB Host and database when it is out of alpha someday? You answer this. Note that this device has been out for 3 years with alpha support so for actual release it may take … I will let you answer this one as well.

Ok now I invite you to run some test and compare speed to ChipworkX. Note you are comparing feature, you know the extras but only speed.

Yeah; I prefer FEZ but I need to make Gadgetos work for as many people as possible.

I will definitely do some speed comparisons when I have a moment. Right now I’ve just added Mass Storage to Gadgetos in a way that doesn’t require the user to switch DebugInterface (or at least not in a way they will ever notice ;))

This is a good way to do cross compiling/checking.

Hm. So if you change the DebugInterface you have to redeploy? Bummer, thought I had something good worked out there.

[quote]Huh? Only in ALPHA?

ya i wanted to get that one as well, but they told me this was the case so i never bothered.
then i went to their forum which did not have much going on in there. Nothing like GHI’s forum.
So i figure i will just wait for the next big thing from GHI :wink: