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40% off coupon if you guess what it is


How would you like to get 40% off your next order? You only have to be the first one to guess!

So, the new SDK is coming very soon, probably Friday. The new SDK has a new feature that you will absolutely love. You guys have asked for it but we didn’t say yes till we made sure it is working and we can hand it to you. Of course, the feature come to you for free like all other features. You only have to update your firmware.

What would that feature be? It is something that you could not implement in C#. Again, something that was brought up on this forum before. Time to bring back the old features.

Another hint? I think over half of the FEZ community will be using this feature.


My guess:

WiFi Ethernet Network


Calls to external DLLs ? :slight_smile:


Parallel port/interface


Is it a real-time clock?


Ability to JIT all or part of our code for speed?


VB support? (Hope not)


my 2nd guess:







Bluetooth stack for Bluetooth USB sticks???


I said almost every single user will be using this new feature

I guess no one is getting the 40% but you all will be getting this new feature in which you will be very happy to see, I hope :smiley:


In-field updates?


Another wild one

–may be text to speech :smiley:


I’m too new to know the previous feature requests, but here are my wish list (some may be already possible now).

  1. Ability to simultaneously use USB port both for debugging and serial COM.
  2. Ability to use Reset button inside apps so we have two built-in buttons
  3. String.Replace()
  4. Generics
  5. Overclocking

EDIT: @ Rajesh, oh I want TextToSpeech too! :slight_smile:



USB serial and debug. That must be it :slight_smile:


Hari, you get 40% off your next order :slight_smile: :clap:

When you have 30 days to use your coupon and email me directly when you are ready to order. You guessed it but you guessed it right.


Congrats Hari


Woohoo! I think the feature is more exciting than the prospect of having to spend more money on this hobby. :slight_smile: But I’m sure I’ll find something that I just can’t live without if I just browse the product pages. ;D

Thanks Gus!


Woooo! Congratulations! ;D