4.3 USB Keyboard

So this is working a lot better on 4.3 but I am still noticing a couple of things.

If I have the debugger or Deployment too attached while running I notice every key I press throws a CLR_E_NULL_REFERENCE exception from GHI.Usb.Host.Keyboard::CheckEvents and GHI.Usb.Host.Keyboard::OnKeyDown.

I am not subscribed to the OnKeyDown event, I will subscribe and report back.

If I DO NOT have either the debugger or deployment tool attached it goes VERY slow. Perhaps this is because of the errors? I’m not sure. Again I’ll report back.

Subscribed now and it still throws the error and is strangely, staggeringly slow without a debugger attached.

This is a curious one.

I bet it is related to this: https://www.ghielectronics.com/community/forum/topic?id=17052&page=2#msg169617

Try powering your board not from USB.

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Disabling GC messages didn’t help but going back to LiPo power did the trick. Which isn’t idea, since the connector is broken.

Does anyone know of a reliable Gadgeteer LiPo module?

You cannot disable exceptions being reported and hence you get this behavior.

@ Skewworks - Can you post the code you are using?