4.3 QFE1 and Gadgeteer

So the good news is i have Gadgeeter running on 4.3 QFE1 using the following test

Visual Studio 2013
Master SPI running 4.3.1 Mountaineer USB Firmware
GHI N18 complied against 4.3.1

As you can see in the riveting video all is well…

Bad news is the Gadgeteer Core will need to be updated against 4.3.1

Time to email MS…


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I dont follow exactly. What is the problem? :think:

I think there is actually a minority which uses the Gadgeteer extension to NETMF. :whistle:
Without having the Gageteer core released for 4.3.1 (QFE1) it’s useless for them.

The problem is around versioning, as 4.3 QFE1 is actually 4.3.1, its a small thing but actually significant in terms of what version of 4.3 you can use in the firmware, but to be expected considering how long 4.3 has been out there already. So some of the work done getting to 4.3 will need to be checked against 4.3.1, but its not a big thing.