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4.3 - NTPTime - set system time


The new 4.3 SDK is making me feel dumb.

What’s the secret sauce to set the system and RTC time using 4.3?
I am unable to port the 4.2 version of this method to 4.3.


On the STM’s i use this…

Not sure if it's the same on Premium....


Great. Thanks Justin! :slight_smile:


@ sandy - For setting our RTC, you want GHI.Processor.RealTimeClock.SetDateTime(newTime);


Hi John,
Apologize up front for bringing up an old topic…
I do not see this function in .netmf 4.3:

“For setting our RTC, you want GHI.Processor.RealTimeClock.SetDateTime(newTime);”

Thanks and I am sure it is something I have overlooked. Any help is appreciated.




Yep, I needed to add GHI.Hardware to my references.

Thanks for the quick response.