4.2 and Wifi

I’m working on an EMX 1.1 board using the 4.2 premium library with the RS21 wifi module and have encountered some difficulty. None of the methods mentioned on the wifi wiki page appear to actually be in the library. A little digging seems to indicate that 4.2 does not yet support wifi. If that’s the case, when can we expect to see it? In the meantime, does it make sense to go back to 4.1 and work from there? We’re also interested in using the remote update function, which also appears to not yet be supported.

This is the first NETMF project that we’ve done, so we just took the advice here (GHI Electronics – Where Hardware Meets Software) and used 4.2. Is there something horribly wrong with 4.1 that makes it sensible to be without these features while they’re updated/implemented for the next version? I’m just kind of confused by the 4.2 recommendation.


With 4.2 the Ethernet/WiFi API changed. Take a look at this project http://www.tinyclr.com/codeshare/entry/605 to how it is now done.

WifFi is available in the latest 4.2 Premium library release.

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Thanks, Mike. I had been using the 8/24 release. After updating, I’m now seeing classes that are consistent with that project code.

I’m not using a FEZ board, so my next question is, how do I come up with a socket to initialize my WiFi_RS21 object?

Browse the GHI.Premium.Net DLL to find out the parameters for a GHI.Premium.Net.WiFiRS9110 object. It uses a SPI interface which is defined in Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.SPI.

That assume you have a RS9110 compatible module, which is the only current support from GHI.

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All righty. Looks like I overlooked the ‘known issues’ page linked on the firmware download page. There’s some good info there. After updating the firmware and the usb drivers, I’m nearly there. Getting some exceptions thrown when I try to open the adapter, but I think I’ll be able to figure that out on my own.

Thanks again, Mike.

Known issues page:

Exceptions were being caused by incorrect mode select resistors on the wifi module. After getting that right, I’m successfully scanning for wifi networks.