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4.1 API Reference


Can you please put back the links for 4.1 API reference(s):


It is already in the SDK as a file. Do we need it online to?


It was online for a long time.

It was convenient to use. Plus when answering questions sometimes all you need is to point to the proper page in the API by providing a link to that page. Now we’ll have to explain how to navigate to that page on a local machine.

It is up to you. Personally I know how to get there.


Personally, I’d rather have it online than in the SDK. I almost never go to disk to look for info.


agree, needed online. Often used to point others to the info, much harder when not online


You guys still use 4.1?! :slight_smile:


my menagerie of pandas require it, yes.


You still sell it! :wink:

Yes, I am using it and will be using for some time. I have several 4.1 devices. I am sure there are a lot of customers who still use 4.1 devices from GHI


Of course! I bought my first Panda II only about a year and a half ago, and it is still being sold, so support for 4.1 needs to continue for a LONG time… unless GHI wants to release a 4.2 version that works on the Panda II :slight_smile:


I was speaking SDK docs in general.

Speaking of… The docs on MSDN all say they’re for “.NET Micro Framework 3.0”. This is confusing. It should be like the rest of MSDN where it allows you to select the version you want to look at.


The point here is that GHi does support 4.1 but 90% (or more) of users are now not using 4.2 so the the 4.1 docs do not need to be on the web but 4.2 do?

Our only intention was “lets make the page easier for new users”. But we are alwasy open to suggestions.


then list them in a “Legacy documentation” section. That page used to be a great one-stop jump off point for the 4.1 main reference, the 4.1 GHI Premium reference, and the Wiz5100 reference, as well as the 4.2 stuff.


I agree with Brett. The hoarder in me says to not ever throw any info away. Just archive it as “legacy”.


But everybody who got all USBizi based devices are still using 4.1. I have 6 or so. I would love to use 4.2 on them but there is no such thing.


Got it thanks :slight_smile: