3dxware limitations

Given the limitations of the 3dxware application (I’m talking to peeps who know what I mean), wouldn’t it be better to use a .net device to translate the 3d mouse into mouse keyboard commands for a pc? I’ve wanted to use my 3d mouse with CIV5 for years now, but it just doesn’t seem to be a possibility for 3Dconnexion.

If I should write such as app how many would use it? I wouldn’t write it just for me, since I’d need feedback to perfect it.

Looks like not many here. Why don’t you try on a 3D mouse related forum, if there is one. Anyways if you think you might learn something from it - go for it! Can make a good blog article. :wink:

@ Architect - Yea, but I don’t blog. ah pity.