3D STEP models

Simply, freakin awesome, I love Microsoft!


That is great!

It would be even more awesome if they will put a nice tutorial about creating a custom shell (using the the moisture shell as an example to start with).

Nice! I must say though that I like the ones that Architect & crew did on this site using EagleUp look nicer though :wink:

How much longer until we just purchase design files for our gadgets and then go print them ourselves?

It’s the beginnings of getting a Star-Trek replicator.

As soon as GHI finishes FEZ powered 3D printer.

Your wish is our command :slight_smile: The team is writing up a tutorial on the moisture shell right now. Goal is to publish it next week.

You are the best! :slight_smile:

And here I am with a printrbot in the mail as I type this. Maybe next week. I love the idea of making negatives from the parts for really nice fitting enclosures.