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3D Render


Forgot how much fun 3D is…


Sold !


@ Brett - On Eagle? :wink:


For some reason I want there to be a propeller on each of the mounting points :wink:


Funny you should say that - someone else said the very same thing… :slight_smile:


No dufus, on what you have pictured… :slight_smile:


@ Brett - ooo, just had email…boards are on Mr DHL’s plane :slight_smile:


Whats your turn around time? :wink:


@ Brett - 8~10 days after sending to fab - so should have a test board on Friday


I like red sockets! :slight_smile:

How did you get markings on LQFP?


@ Architect - The material has a Bitmap applied to it


Oh I see. makes sense.


Like this? :slight_smile:


When can I have one :wink:


When we all band together and demand that Gus builds a swarm of them for world domination :smiley:


Oooo now I like it with the props!


Not enough, I want 2 of them :slight_smile:


@ Justin -

Unbelievable !! The flying octopussy !!

lol lol lol


3 tacos please!!


Whoa, that’s a cool board Justin! It would be even better if it had the ESC connectors. Or do you have a daughter board planned? A daughter board the same size that could mount underneath the mainboard that has the power distribution built-in would be awesome.