3D Print your electronics

…OK, this is pretty awesome:


Gonna have to ask for an increase in my allowance first, though…$9K. Yikes!


It’s going to be really fun to see where this is at in 5 years. Small batch PCB services may be a thing of the past for all but the tiniest of jobs.

Very cool!

the whole encapsulation of circuits is awesome. Certainly the core appears functional but right now, based on the example they showed, I wouldn’t want to try to do 10mil track spacing with the conductive ink :slight_smile: But heck, the possibilities are pretty tremendous - hundred layer PCB at home ! (what a 3d routing nightmare ! :slight_smile: but huge potential! )

For homemade Gadgeteer module prototypes, this would be incredible.

And for prototyping the Christmas star project I just did, I’m envisioning being able to simply print and place individual WS2812 pixels, no need for visible strips or wire, or anything. Just print the whole star, and slap a Gadgeteer socket on the back, all “wired up” with the printer itself.

And since I could build the whole thing without using LED strips, it would be a bit cheaper, since I’d only be using the pixels I needed.

But until this goes more mainstream (particularly with respect to price) that’s all a pipe dream. Wouldn’t make sense to spend nearly ten grand for the kinds of projects I do.

There doesn’t really appear to be much there that’s unique except for the conductive material and the software. They said that Autodesk was helping with the software, so its possible that we’ll see that included in the Fusion360 and/or Circuits123 (both are free) sometime in the future. I imagine we’ll be able to add an extruder and have this capability on any printer for a couple hundred dollars. Their removable bed is REALLY cool, too…

I remember this from last year