3D Presentation request!

Hi guys,
i remember seing a presentation about the NETMF that was created by one of our members here, where he used a software that kind of zooms on the images as it moves, which I found it great to show the hardware up close.

do any of you guys remember it and what’s the name of the software used?


@ Jay Jay - if you don’t get what you want ping me an email with your requirements and I can whip something up that all can use if interested.

If I remember correctly there was some 3d PDF files around somewhere

@ HughB - PDF is sooooo last week, I was thinking some 1080p construction avi’s

Do you mean @ ianlee74 slide deck here?

@ Duke Nukem - ta for the link :slight_smile:

Crack on chief :slight_smile: i would love to see em.

@ Duke Nukem -
Yep that’s the one,
Thanks :slight_smile: