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3D Connextion Mouse



I don’t suppose that anyone happens to know the USB protocol for a 3D Connection mouse? I want to use it as a jog wheel for my 3D Printer, however I can’t find a document that governs its interface.


Interesting mouse. Does it work well?


Yes it works very good. It’s one of those things that you didn’t know that you needed but do; and not even for CAD work!


Does it work like a regular mouse?


It’s a controller that allows you to manipulate an object in a 3D environment. Theoretically that would be every 3D Modeling program, game and MMORPG; however widespread adoption is only now starting (e.g. Google Earth). In 2d you can map the movements to keystrokes to control programs like Firefox (back forward, scroll etc).


Also, it would make an awesome controller for a CNC machine, rather than having to use a keyboard to position the end mill (or 3d deposition head). The 3D mouse has 6 degrees of freedom.


Ok found a lot of info flowing off from this page (took a while to get it all) Going to park that information here so that people in the future can find it as well.

A C# Codeshare Driver to follow soon.


I got one of these for Christmas and love it for Sketchup, wish it worked in the Vectric products… looking forward to using it in SolidWorks (whenever I can actually get a copy).

I use a Logitech G13 as a pendant for my CNC now… it’s much cheaper even than the notebook version of this controller and uses standard keyboard mapping macros.

I just received two Jog It! pendants from the Kickstarter campaign - were about $100 each, not sure what he’s going to retail them for, but they are specifically set up for Mach3 already.


The Logitech is cool. I don’t know about the jog it one though, can you operate it with more than one button at a time? I still prefer to use the 3d mouse though.