3D CAD solid models

This article ( http://blogs.msdn.com/b/net_gadgeteer/archive/2012/05/25/3d-print-a-custom-device-with-open-source-3d-models-of-net-gadgeteer-hardware.aspx ) suggests that there are 3D CAD models for a whole bunch of Gadgeteer boards on the Codeplex web somewhere. I don’t seem to be able to find them. If someone can point me at the right place, I’d greatly appreciate it.

Cheers - Gene

@ Gene - In addition to STEP models on codeplex we have created models for some of the modules for Google Sketchup


You would need to convert the STEP files to 3DS format to import into SketchUp(free).

I would like to know what software the majority of the community is using as far as 3D modeling enclosures. And using the provided module models.

@ Jason - We use SolidWorks for al CAD work, STEP file import / export supported.

In Europe STEP files are common as exchange format between development partners.

People who like some back ground on STEP (ISO 10303) :

@ Jason - Autodesk Inventor

Many thanks.