368606 and counting

So i have been doing some more WiFi testing :slight_smile:

2x IoT Labs WiFi modules running happily side by side

MountaineerUSB running 4.3.1
WiFi module with internal antenna

Octopus running 4.2
WiFi module with external antenna via UFL connector.

Both projects are calling a RESTful service to a server in a Data Centre and passing in a random INT and inserting into a SQL DB.

With a single board running it is averaging around 7.2 calls per second. With 2 projects running it is ~10.5 call per second.

Here is the current running total http://netmf.ingenuitymicro.com/default.aspx


Hi Justin,
that is great news, only one question for you if you could try this and confirm that it works.

First i’m guessing your using DHCP… if yes can you please force the router to release the IP ad assign your module a new IP… and let me know if your Board picks the new IP or does it fail… basically I had issues when the IP address of the Module changes from DHCP the board quits… working and requires a reset … of course when using ENC28… so I hope your wifi doesn’t suffer from this issue.

Did we DDOS your server?

Been stuck on 474408 for a while now.

Closed VS when i left the office… ::slight_smile:

At 10 a sec the server doesn’t even register any cpu activity so you will need a few devices to kill it :wink: