3 usb ports

Is there any GHI electronics mainboard that could support 3 usb connections simultatnusly: one for debug and deployment, one for keyboard emulation and one for controling the mainboard?

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For debug and deployment you need USB Client Module.
For Keyboard you need USB Host Module.
These are two different types of modules which you can use at the same time.
USB Host supports hubs, so you can connect multiple devices.

Not sure what you mean by ‘controling the mainboard’?
If you think about communication between PC and NETMF, then this would also be USB Client.
GHI Premium boards support a Serial-Port emulation to do so via Client USB. But I dont know if this and Debuging can be used at the same time.
But you could use Ethernet for this as well, which works fine in parallel.

Get 2 usb to serial modules on FEZ Spider and you will have 3 USB ports.

I am working on keybaord automation. The whole system should look like this:

PC1 (controlled PC) <- usb keybaord emulator (mianboard) <- PC2 (controller PC)

The mainboard should be connected to PC1 and emulate the usb keybaord (I would like to use USBC_Keyboard class to that. Does this class work fine with the usb to serial module?). The PC2 should control the mainboard (it would decide which characters will be send to PC1) - I can use usb to serial module for that.

All three usb modules will be used for connection with PCs and USB host module is not proper for this task.

@ pgierasi - What I suggested is exactly what you need.

PC2 sends serial commands to spider (using USB virtual serial port), which spider is also connected to PC1, emulating a USB keyboard.

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How to specify on which the usb to serial module the Spider should emulate the keyborad? Do I need to use the USBC_Keyboard(USBC_Device device, string interfaceName) constructor instead of USBClientController.StandardDevices.StartKeyboard() method?

You will have 3 USB connectors but one and only one of them is a controllable USB interface, which is what you will use to emulate the keyboard. The other 2 are actually serial ports but with usb to serial module, they are USB as far as your PC is concerned and serial port as far as spider.

So the UsbKeyboard can be emulated only at socket D? Does the debug must also be performed via socket D? Is it possible to emulate keyboard and debug at the same time?

You will debug using U socket.

ok, thanks a lot for reply