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25 key Keypad emulator



I’m implementing a 25 key keypad (5x5 matrix) on Fez Domino. Because of the IO, I’ll be doing it with the analog port.

I’d like to emulate this first. Can you please give suggestions on how to create a class in the firmware that can somehow signal the key states from the emulator UI to the firmware? I can’t use GPIO emulated events, so I’m thinking maybe SPI or I2C or Serial classes to emulate? Is there a better way?


You mean doing this on the emulator on the PC?

You can have normal 25 pins on the emulator that you access using a class, call it ButtoinState. Then in your Domino, you can create a matrix buttons that expose the same ButtonStste interface. This means, your application code will eb 100% the same, the the implementation of ButtonState is different.