2015 NETMF and Gadgeteer R1 Pre-Release

We are very excited to announce the availability of the pre-release 2015 NETMF and Gadgeteer R1 SDK. This is a stable release with numerous small bug fixes and improvements. We highly recommend uninstalling everything you have and following the steps on the NETMF support page to install the 2015 R1 SDK today.

In the next few weeks, we will do the official release for the 2015 NETMF and Gadgeteer R1 SDK and drop support for earlier SDKs. No worries, the new SDK is backward compatible with the 2014 release. Ideally, there will be one official release SDK for the entire 2015 year; however, there will be optional beta releases available.

We are not just releasing the SDK, we are also bringing you two beginner’s books, for NETMF and for .NET Gadgeteer. These books are being released as “Drafts” and with feedback from the community we will also be releasing the official versions in the next few weeks. The book are licensed Creative Commons share alike. Feel free to distribute the books in electronics format or in print. The books are generic so they should be helpful with any GHI and non-GHI devices.

By the way, this SDK includes three new products! Stay tuned for full detail announcements on these products.

NETMF installation steps: https://www.ghielectronics.com/support/netmf
NETMF Beginner’s book: https://www.ghielectronics.com/downloads/NETMF/NETMF_for_Beginners.pdf
.NET Gadgeteer Beginner’s book: https://www.ghielectronics.com/downloads/Gadgeteer/NET_Gadgeteer_for_beginners.pdf


Whooo hooo!


Installing… Getting a fresh cup of coffee. This is just great!

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@ Gary: This is great news. Where is the pre-release available?

@ rockybooth - https://www.ghielectronics.com/support/netmf/sdk/34/ghi-electronics-netmf-sdk-2015-r1-pre-release-1.exe

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@ iamin - Thanks. It was a little hard to find.
@ Gary - There is an impressive list of new features and fixes especially for the G400!


@ GHI - This is one impressive list of features, documented and undocumented. Kudos to the team.


Yes… I am really impressed at the significant improvements and additions to this release according to the release notes. It looks like a seriously big effort. I am excited :slight_smile:


Give the engineering team a +1 they worked hard to get alot done plus the additional work they will do for the final release! :clap:


I’m also impressed by this release. Well done GHI :clap:

I encourage everyone to take a closer look at this SDK and try to find all the bugs you can. As @ Gary has said, the next stable SDK will be released only next year. It would be really nice if we could fish out all the bugs we can. Let the fishing season begin :wink:


Before I download, where are the release notes?

@ networkfusion - You can find the release notes on the download site and within the installation directory, which of course will be there after you installed the new package.

I am new to gadgeteer and I can’t download this release. The link seems to be broken :frowning:
Can anyone help me?

I think you need to be logged in to the web site/forum to enter the download section.
But since you are logged in now, try again :wink:

There are new loader versions for all boards, but nothing in the release notes hints for the changes.
For G120 the loader was not changed since V4.3.4, which was a good thing.

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Wow, this is awesome! :clap:

I’ve followed the download process and everything is installed but when I start VS2013 I don’t see any options to create NETMF and it I try to load a project is reports that it does not know this type.

I uninstalled all first as suggested.

Did I miss something?

I would join the other here and make a congratulation for this work.