2014 R1 Beta 2 + G120: "Interrupt whilce deploying. Updating failed!"

I can’t update my G120 HDR.
The Tiny Booter is updated without a problem, but when it tries to update the firmware I get this error.

I’m using FEZConfig from 2013 R3, since I don’t want to install the 2014 R1 SDK on this machine.
In fact I have only USB Drivers and FEZConfig installed currently.

OS is Win 8.1 with all updates.

What error do you get? There have been several changes to FEZ Config and the drivers have been tweaked a little since that version, is it possible to install the versions that ships with the beta SDK on a different machine and try there?

The error is as written in the title: “Interrupt while deploying. Updating failed!”
Can you easily provide standalone installer for current drivers and FEZConfig, as they were included in the older SDK’s.
I really miss them a lot :cry:
If not I’ll install the whole SDK.

We don’t currently make them available but we are considering adding functionality into the installer to make the components selectable.