2012 Look Back

Since I joined the TinyCLR community it’s been a bit of a tradition for me to say a thank you ever year around Thanksgiving/Christmas. But I already know I’m going to be beyond swamped for the next two months, so I thought I’d say thanks now and take a look back at what I was able to accomplish this year thanks to GHI and the TinyCLR community.

This year I added 5 new devices and over a dozen modules. It could easily be 2 dozen, but I honestly haven’t counted. :slight_smile:

Thanks to GHI Insider I’ve grabbed a CP7 and eagerly await a Cobra II at discounted prices. Guess who will be renewing their membership. :smiley:

Eric (RansomHall) not only sent me a wonderful GPS unit for some help writting drivers but also sent along a Cerberus mainboard that allowed me to finish up testing and documenting PicoMax.

PicoMax is a big accomplishment for this year, it’s not often Microsoft Cambridge reaches out and asks to use your tool for teaching. The only reason I made the project was to use the OLED on a Cerb40, and I released it because of the community, cheers!

Ian (IanLee) was a gigantic help getting Tinkr out. He beat the code to pieces and offered a lot of very helpful suggestions. I’d be surprised if there were less than half a dozen controls/major changes that were inspired by his feedback.

Let’s not forget Wouter and his amazing work creating a 3D engine! This thing is amazing and I promise as soon as things settle down I will be right back to playing with it and incorporating it into something cool. I’ve got many ideas in mind, just need the time.

SBASIC is nearly complete (Skewworks BASIC interpreter) thanks to interest shown by Gus.

Justin just might be creating a nice new little intro for Skewworks videos; I know you’ll all miss may standard intro of not having one :wink:

And of course the entire community has answered questions, offered feedback and inspired projects.

It’s never easy running a small business while holding down a dayjob but you guys make it worth the effort. What does 2013 have in store? Here’s a sneak at a few of the projects I have planned/in progress:

[ul]GameSlate (of course) the very first beta of the IDE will be released a week from this Saturday!!
A brand new Skewworks.com with shopping cart, private messaging, tighter PayPal integration, better notifications, etc
Our first service: creating an easy interface to update your NETMF devices in a single click where ever they are
SBASIC completion
A self orginazing cluster network for NETMF devices with a lot of built in features. Even having 1 device and a PC might make it worth running.
There just might even be some Gadgteer Modules in the near future for Skewworks ;)[/ul]

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You are surly an extremely intelligent and creative person and GHI is very proud to have members like you in this community. We are very excited to see what projects the community will come up with, especially yours :slight_smile:

I believe it was WouterH that provided you with the 3D engine.

Congratulations on your accomplishments this year. It is indeed an honor to have the likes of Microsoft Cambridge approach you to use something you have created, well done. You and many of the other members here inspire me, I am always astounded at the breadth of knowledge in this community and the variety from software development to hardware skills.

Thom, I’m thankful to have made a new friend in you this year and I look forward to meeting you in person soon. You’re have incredible talent that I brag about at work often. If you’re ever in a pinch, I think you’ve already got a job lined up in TN if you want it :wink:

There’s something missing from that list of planned projects that I’ve been looking forward to, though… :wink:

Whoops that was Wouter! You had a hand in giving me RLP help as well I think somewhere.

Do you see?! So many people helping out I can’t even keep track! :smiley:

Uh oh which one?

I can’t remember the name of it. :frowning: (old age) A new online GUI offering that was supposed to have gone live by now I thought…

Was it Tinkr? That went live and I thought I sent you a download code for that. The one you helpe me test. Or maybe Gadgetos? Too many projects. Give me an idea of what it was supposed to do and I’m sure I’ll think of it. :smiley:

Oh wait! Are you talking about Motif? The Glide like GUI designer? Yes that needs to still be on the list.

Guess I need to go home and get a timeline and priority list for all this stuff together. New dayjob gives me a lot less time these days. :confused:

@ Skewworks - The gratitude is ours! Thanks for all you do. I am amazed that you somehow manage to pull off a family life, a day job, and all this.

Yep, that’s it! Wasn’t sure how public it was.

Thom, you’re such a creative person! A real inspiration for all of us. Hope you can make Skewworks your day job one day.

@ Ian - Honestly, I sort of forgot about Motif. After I got Tinkr up I had requests for 4.2 support on Clix and a few bugs to fix. Then I had to complete a contract I had and when it was all done…completely slipped my mind. I’ve put it on my list now and it’s #2 right under getting the first beta of Game Slate’s IDE out. :slight_smile:

@ Eric & Wouter Thanks guys :smiley: It’s been great working with the both of you and I hope we find more projects to work on together