2 years later

I said it with Pyxis One and Pyxis 2; and now Gadgetos.

Can someone please tell me why it’s not until 2 years after I’ve abandoned an open source project that people start taking notice? I got some very angry emails about the state of Pyxis 2 and Gadgetos this week.

Maybe, for my next project, I’ll post ab outline, wait two years, and then start development. :wink:

@ Skewworks - no good deed goes unpunished.

Heh, I’m thinking probably its more along the lines of my SEO is junk. I should probably get on that at some point.

@ Skewworks

Perhaps it would help if your product info on your website didn’t start off with “This new” might help.
[ul]There is no time stamp for your postings.[/ul]
[ul]No other info that would let someone know its not new, even if it didn’t use the word “new” it comes across as a supported open source product.[/ul]
[ul]For someone who has been around the technology for some time this kind of advancement is “new” to me too.[/ul]

I think the main reason you had little interest before was simply because people have been taking there sweet time at adopting .NETMF including Microsoft.

Its mostly been left up to the community and the community is still rather small but the pace that it is growing is increasing and people are learning about the advancements and the price factor is reducing.

I doubt that Qualified engineers using .NETMF would be interested in what to me is the only real UI that has been created let alone the fact its actually an OS.

By the way… [quote]Great Job[/quote] and I hope you find a market for your OS’s
You remind me of “Lutz Roeder” writing code for the future way ahead of its time.

I’ll wait a couple of years and come back here to tell you why :slight_smile:


SEO is rather easy if you use Joomla! as a CMS.

Thanks for the feedback and suggestions. :smiley:

Now that I’m doing Skewworks full time, I’ve really gotten back into NETMF for fun.

I just finished my new DOM parser and I’m rewriting SBASIC as a JScript engine. Add that to my PNG converter and my RichTextLabel, and I’m probably working on something…

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And what about ROME?..

Its part of ROME.

So is the latest and greatest TextBox. Faster than Tinkr with Hint support, multiline text, selection, etc. That control along is going to take me days, but it’ll be worth it in the end. :slight_smile:

So, no ROME beta for a few more months? :slight_smile:

Haven’t you been listening? It’ll be 2 years so I can get interest in it :wink: