16A Relay Module


I’m starting a new project which requires a 16A relay module, but the only relay that I found for .NET Gadgeteer is a 10A relay module.

Is there a 16A relay module that is .NET Gadgeteer compatible?


I would use the load module and then wire any relay you want.

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What a quick answer! Thanks!

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The load module sounds like a great solution, but a small question -
I’m looking at the load module tutorial (https://www.ghielectronics.com/docs/80/load-module), and I’m trying to figure out how to connect the external relay to the load module pins.

Should I connect a power supply to the most left GND pin, and PIN1 + SRG to the external relay?
Also, can you please explain what is the meaning of SRG?


The coil on the relay is just like the motor, exact same connections.

Thanks! Got it!

But just for my knowledge, why the load module controlling on the motor’s ‘-’ port and not on the ‘+’?
I mean, it seems that the load module pin1 is connected to the motor’s ‘-’ port, and the motor’s ‘+’ port is connected to the ‘SRG’.

Is that the way things goes? I know that the SRG is responsible to avoid power picks, so it does make sense.

Just Google how to connect a relay to a microcontroller

Thanks Gus!