16 Step MIDI Drum Machine - porting to FEZ?

Guys, just checking out if some people would like me to port my current Arduino MIDI Drum Machine to the FEZ Panda. I already have the unit, so I wonder if maybe people could help me with $$$ so I could expend some time working on porting the project to the FEZ Panda.

Visit the following link for more details:


And let me know what you guys think.

Best Regards, WilliamK

You should have another tab on your website for “FEZ” :slight_smile:

The project looks fun. So you are sending serial tones over midi to a synthesizer?


How about a Fez monkey playing a small drum? ;D

I may add a FEZ Tab, yes, but only if I see that people would actually use such thing. :wink:

Yes, MIDI is a Serial Interface, so I’m using the UART TX/RX to send Midi-Notes to a Korg X5DR Rack. (Synth/Drums gear)

There’s a lot I would have to change, so that’s why I wonder if I should take a few days off just to take care of the conversion. Not to mention having to change my protoboard for this. :-o


Few days of fun, the way I see it :slight_smile: