16 Character serial display question

Hello GHI Friends,

I recently bought a Cobra II Eco board and a 16x2 char display to get started with Gadgeting. https://www.ghielectronics.com/catalog/product/395

I have been using the display (in Gadgeteer in port 3) to display debug information.
The display has been working great for the last few weeks.

Now, the text (that was white with a blue backlight) is light grey with a blue backlight and extremely difficult to read. The background is still blue, but the foreground is grey (not white) and very difficult to read.

I am not sure what happened to the display, but before I consider it trashed, I thought I would ask if there are any contrast adjustments for a 16x2 display?

If trashed, $12 for the 16x2 display is not a big deal.
I want to use a $160 CP7 display module in my final design, but before I pop for the larger display, I would like to know why my 16x2 character display failed (or if it failed)?

Any thought are appreciated.
Have a good Labor Day weekend guys!
Get away from the job for a few days!

Larry Scott

@ Larry1 - The display needs 5volt for a good brigtness / contrast. By design, the cobra does not really output 5 volt but about 4.5 volt.

thanks for the thought. I will double check the voltage.