150C rated Chipset?

Does anyone know a source for industrial chipsets rated 150C or higher?


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@ Bill Gates - Don’t you have someone else to troll? ;D :whistle:

I dont want to upset the worker bee’s until at least 5hrs after a major milestone release :wink:

Anywho - +175c and only $112.40 ea - cheap as chips on a GHI salary :clap:


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Cortex-M0 running at 250 C :smiley:



@ Cuno - i bet they are more than $2.50 in singles :smiley:



Atmel have a number of devices in their automotive range that are 150C rated. Prices are much better than the 175+ devices.

A few other manufacturers have automotive rated devices in this temperature range.

The 250C stuff is silicon on insulator based and very expensive but 150C stuff is affordable.

Do they sell in small volumes? All too often, automotive parts are not available in small quantities.

Digikey have some of the 150C microcontrollers.

Eg, this one, ATMEGA32C1-15AD in 1 off quantities for $7.29

@ Dave McLaughlin - Cool!