12,000 Lumen Mag-Light

For some time now i have been drooling over getting the new 12000 Lumen led.
It came in last week and all i can say is Holy Crap this thing is brighter than a street light.

I was off this week and decided to pop it into my 6-cell Mag light. With some thermal epoxy and some slight modifications she fit into the head of my mag light.

no look straight into it and keep your eyes open for few seconds… just kidding :slight_smile:

This thing looks scary bright.

some guys will do anything to get a light saber. ;D

@ jdal

How much does something like that run? Do you have a link for where you got it?

A pic when it’s on would be cool. What does that beast cost?

Any problems with cooling? What kind of battery life do you expect?

I bet you could use that to burn old paint off a fence from 10 paces.

I bought the led and reflector & lens from tubelight on ebay. The current link for one is here.


I actually bought 2 leds. Played with about 5 different style heat sinks. The 2 kept it cool and was the most compact out of the bunch i used.



Then there is the thermal epoxy which is an absolute MUST!!! Tried 3 different typical heatsink compounds and all were poor in pumping the heat out. the thermal epoxy wicked the heat out fantastic.

As far as heat dissipation goes in the mag light its nice that the head and body is aluminum as it acts as a heat sink. I got myself a copper plate 0.125" and cut it round to fit inside the head, epoxy that to the head then epoxy the led to that. Drill holes in the very side and run silicone wire through the plate.

technically its more of a show piece that a useful light as you can only use it for about 2-3 minutes before the head get to hot to keep the led cool. Going to put a temp sensor in there to automatically dim it when the temp gets to high.

not so sure yet, being that its a 6-cell D size mag light i can cram quite a few 3000mah Li-ion’s in there. so i am guessing at this point that i can get about 30 minutes of use.

actually you can put your hand right in front of it and you can feel just a tiny bit of heat. Thats the beauty of leds.

FYI, if any of you plan on playing with them take heed to this warning, Do NOT power it for more than a few seconds without it mounted on a heat sink, its case will shoot to thermal limits in seconds at full power. Dont want to pay that kind of money for it only to vaporize it in the few seconds you turn it on and go OH Ahhhh.

That is one expensive snipe hunting tool you have there :slight_smile: Maybe if you get the extra long D size Maglite case you could squeeze in a liquid cooling system.