10V on PWM pin


I’m building an aqaurium controller and i’m sorting out some issue before designing the first prototype

One of those is with the driver, I’m not much of an electronics guy so i need help from the experts…

i’m using Mean Well ELN-60-48P dimmable driver to drive the Lighting, LEDs, and will use the panda II to control it.

here is the specs for the driver :

using the ELN-60-48P according to what i’ve read online and what the specs says, i need 10V on PWM but for what i have read also Panda PWN are just 5V.

Correct me if i’m wrong (as i say not an electronic guy) but if i run the driver on 5V PWM signal i will not get complete full power, right?

how can I boost to 10V?

Look at http://www.kpsec.freeuk.com/trancirc.htm for info on how transistors work, you need à 10v supply and common ground for the FEZ and the dimmer.

Panda PWM pins (in fact all output pins) are only 3V3, not 5V. You need to drive the PWM pin that then drives something like a transistor as C0ax points out, and have that drive the 10V.

maybe this will help: http://www.arduino.cc/playground/Main/RegulatedPositiveVoltageBooster

Actually, this was the link I was looking for: http://aartsite.nl/licht/o_5vhrfi.htm It’s in dutch, but google translate will help you there.


But if you don’t need that much current then you can just use an opamp for this. Just set the right amount of amplification using some resistors

I am tying to do this exact same thing also for an aquarium project. Did you get it to work?

i actually switched to a 5V driver…but i did get the circuit done. if you want i can email you an example of that circuit.

Sure, so you just boosted it to 5v rather than 10v?

martinmcnally at the gmail

there is no need to boost to 5V, my drivers are 5V and the PANDA generate a 5V PWM signal

Actually, you can only generate 3v3 out. On Panda most inputs are 5v tolerant, but only output to 3v3.

If you need clean logic output at any specific level, I strongly suggest an open collector buffer, such as the 7407 chip. See here for examples : http://www.evilmadscientist.com/article.php/opencollector

Have fun ;D

well i just got confused…So i cant connect directly my drivers?
they need a 5V PWM signal…Do i need to add some component? I ask because several people have confirmed that they use that driver directly connected to an arduino PWM pin

I havent tested this of course and i’m a complete newbie, so please clear my confusion.

Arduino has 5v TTL output levels.
All Fez boards have 3v3 TTL outputs, so that is different.

It may work, or not : the best is to try. You will not damage anything if the output is too low, it will just not work. :wink:

well, I’ve a slave ATMEGA chip comunicating with my panda so i can use that slave for my led drivers…

but anyway i will checkout that chip, the SN7407N, as i’m in the learning process i can experiment with it…thanks