$10,000 for contract developer help

I am not sure if this is the proper way of going about it.
GHI let me know…
Would be happy to hear from your engineers also. You build a great product. I hope this is the best way to go about it…Many smart peeps doing similar things!

We have a board based around the g120.
We have a need to code for a industry standard protocol which was devised for bigger metal.
We have the code talking the protocol via standard .Net Framework.
We have ported most of it down to .NetMF…
The road block is xml serialization.

The protocol was built by a group, and with a group it does everything for everyone, but no one in particular.
The protocol is built with a pile of metadata xml rules checking and such, which I gave up on trying to port to .NetMF…about a year ago.
We are talking classes inherited from classes, deep arrays and such.
Thought I would take another shot, as the protocol is starting to take more of foothold.

We need a developer that may have gone down this path and has the answers…that I never had time nor the inclination to delve deeper.

This would be a contract job with steps of viability along the way to get paid $2,500 at a shot.
The total of $10,000 would be presented at the time we were assured of being able to go for certification.

We also have many more technological challenges to face, which success on project #1 above would make you candidate #1 for future contract endeavors.

Sincerely…this is for real.
Michael Hardy
Control Dynamics

BTW: Our board builder is Silicon Mountain…Nampa, ID

There are many very smart people on this forum.

I agree.
That’s why this was my first stop for help with my problem.

Gus and all, anybody whom can help, we are willing to compensate…a little, not like we are Oceans 13 or something!

In you couldn’t find what you need. Contact us directly and we will try to help.