1-Wire and DS18B20

anyone already tried 1-Wire with preview4?

wonder why the 1-Wire sample app does not find a sensor Number of sensors found = 0


Did it work on preview3?

i dont know, i started with preview 4 to play with

I hate one wire! Useless and always a problem. Can we please get rid of it?!!!

Who uses it anyway?

Is it a DS18B20-PAR or a DS1820B. If it is the parasitic version of the sensor it may not work. Parasitic 1-Wire devices did not work in NetMF and may not work in TinyCLR.

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Just double checked, one wire works perfectly on P4. Check your connection.

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its easy to use (if it works) and cheap and some awesome easy to use temperature sensors with long cables are available, and not to forget the power supply

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thank you for your trial, now i know its may be a layer 8 problem

thank you, i have no idea but good to know, fortunately they are not expensive :grin:

If I’m not mistaken it’s quite a popular thing in pick and place machines to address feeders…

Also, those ibuttons. Altough those only implement the bare minimum of one wire.

But yes, there’s always problem with it.

I am testing DS18B20 with FEZ Stick but not found devices with sample code… the probe works fine with NetMF in Netduino board… Can I use any pin in FEZ Stick to use 1-Wire?

FEZ stick supports onewire, meaning you can use any pin.

I know my own C# class works perfectly with the FEZ Duino - I suspect they’re using the same framework.