$1 breakout board is on the machine now

We know you guys want to get access to the gadgeteer pins easily and also want to to be able to take any board and add gadgeteer sockets to it. We also you do not want to spend more than $1!! Yeah we have it for you. A $1 breakout board. Should be on catalog in a week.

These boards are REALLY SMALL :slight_smile:


Very cool!

there’s enough for me there, but what about everyone else? :wink:

Cool, I have been using the extenders extensively. In some cases these are going to be very nice. Please send some to mouser :slight_smile:

@ Brett - Oh I think we ordered enough for everyone.

Ooh nice!!

Very nice! I think they’re too small, though… The way I use these most often is with headers plugged into a breadboard. In that configuration, you will not be able to see the labels :frowning:

This is exactly what I need. I create wire wrap prototypes for most my designs. Will the pins be long enough for wire wrapping?

I doubt there will be pins installed. I believe the board will come with out pins or headers. Just solder pads. You can add wire wrap pins if that is what you want.

So - pardon the question, I’m on a learning curve - I’ll be able to add more sockets to my gadgeteer mainboard (presumably by serial-linking them)? I could’ve easily have used 10 more x&y sockets for my latest project.

@ harleydk,

This board allows you to connect the socket from your main board to custom hardware. It converts the nastly little socket into something that most people can work with. :slight_smile:

Hello @ Gmod,

right, so it’s but a more cool, cheaper version of the extender. Well that’s neat in itself. A bit of an off-topic question in the same regard, I soldered some male header pins to the extender to hook up a servo-motor - but I’m crap at soldering and it looks a mess (will spare you the photo). Do you know of a ‘click’ system for attaching male header pins (or female, for that matter) to a module such as this?

Once you have the header soldered on then you can use something like this http://proto-pic.co.uk/jumper-wires-premium-6-f-f-pack-of-10/ they do work out a bit expensive but sames the time and hassle if you are not used to soldering. I would recommend that you practice soldering though. It gets easier the more you do it.

Thanks, will try it out. I’ll definitely try my hand some more at soldering - I also only just recently discovered a magical material called “flux” which has made me 200% better at soldering overnight. The difficulty is, I’ve found, in trying to cover up that those areas where you can’t have solder wandering over to. The linked product seems like the right one for fast prototyping, so thanks again.