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$1 72-Hour Sale!


Everyone loved the $1 Holy Board last year so we decided to hold a 72 hour $1 sale on several items. Please click here to see this fantastic sale.

Sale Items:


@ Gary - Just purchased 20 Motor Drivers :slight_smile:

God Help GHI.


One can never have too many holy boards.


Do you even own 20 motors?! :wall:


@ Gus - I will soon.


@ Gary - Any chance there will be more USB-Serial SP Modules? They must have gone pretty quickly.


@ Bill_Wyo - $1 sale. Of course they will go quickly :slight_smile: sorry what you see online is what we have.


Good thing I got 5 of those USB to Serial Modules :slight_smile:


Yes, I was going to splurge for a couple motor controllers too, but there was only 1 left. :frowning:


@ mtylerjr - Because John Smith is a greedy guy :frowning:


So many glorious motor drivers. Gary must have had ants in his eyes.


Man, not only did you grab them all, but then you gloat about it and show them off to all the people who lost out :frowning:
You are like the Trump of engineers!



@ mtylerjr - Its only 20 of them.


I know :slight_smile: Its just after your 20, there was only 1 left (was going to buy two, lol)

Anyway, I’m not really mad. Just jealous that I missed out :slight_smile:


Actually there were 5 left - then I took 4.



@ mtylerjr - :-[ If i’d known there were so few, I would have purchased 10 then. My bad.


Oh! So -you’re- to blame then! lol


OCD - Don’t like odd numbers. :-[


And of course i missed the sale… Looks like the sale is going always when I’m on vacation.


I hope this would happen again soon… :think: