1,500 G120 based Wisebox units deployed and counting

Hello everybody. I’ts been a busy time since my last post.

I want to share with you this landmark: Today we reached 1,500 Wisebox (G120 based) delivered to our customers, and there are 500 more on the way in the next 3 weeks.

These units are been used (mainly) for remote control and monitoring of medium and low voltage power distribution networks. turning old grids into smart ones :grin:

Take a look at how my city is becoming to look like (every dot is a Wisebox):

Best regards,


Nice work. Wish I could get sales volumes like that :slight_smile:

I was looking online for your box and got loads of hits on Google for Wisebox. Seems to be a popular name for a device that offers remote control. :wink:

Very nice :slight_smile:

What do the 3 colours indicate?

Red == someone electrocuted themselves? :joy:


I might submit a Issue, lol

Should be BLACK!


Yeah. Today it’s almost impossible to choose a distinctive name :slight_smile:

Anyway, our customers call’em “the boxes”, o even “those things” :joy: