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0.6.0 Time?


Gus looks so happy, doesn’t he!!

Time for the next version!!!


Who would look at all that hardware and not feel happy? Especially that I can use the latest software with it all.

0.6.0 is getting tested and all seem well so far. The release notes are already up on GitHub under dev.


Sure would be nice if you provided a link to GitHub under developer.

Stupid here << Can’t fide it!



So… looks like the date is… somewhere in August… (“07-08-XX”) … there’s only 2 days to go lol!


Thanks for the link.

So many trees I could not see the forest…



G400 :frowning:

Wonder why the G400 hasnt seen some TinyCLR love since v0.4?


@PTSS, first to run 0.6 on an electron? :wink:


Stupid here << cant find a link to Gus’s ‘new’ video? Is there one???
or was same as last months #040?


@Gus_Issa @PTSS

did microsoft trying to make something like S4A


for education


Simple! The focus in this release is on NXP processors. We have added about 10 products to TinyCLR in this release! Next release will focus on atmel.