ZX-Relay16 Board with Ethernet Shield on Fez Domino

I was trying to use the example as here

It compiles fine and I sent it to the device…

However I never see the LEDs on the relay board come on or go off.

I see jumpers on the relay board for a0 a1 a2 that are closed by default…

On the shield I have used the di2 sda and di3 sdl connectors and tried the others to no avail…

What am I doing wrong here to make this relay board work properly

The relay board needs it own power.

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The relay board is being powered and is turned on using the switch. the green led is on…
Any other suggestions are appreciated

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Lets get some specifics covered off. Please check what version of the GHI SDK you have installed - check the README file in the program files\GHI electronics directory. You’re looking for the “USBizi version” and it should say (the latest). Then go into MFDeploy and find what firmware version the Domino has (change connection to USB, then Target–> Device Capabilities) Again, you’re looking for the version. When they don’t match, go through the firmware update process.

Then my next suggestion is to show us your MAIN() code. You should then also try adding debug statements into the code and perhaps the driver to see what is working and not, and also stepping through the code will help. Another suggestion is that you take a photo that clearly shows how you have all the connections wired up so that we can examine that for issues.

Updating to the new dropping and readding the references fixed the issue…
I see the lights now… Thank you

yay - great news ! I guess that’s why the “Before you submit” #1 item is there :slight_smile: