Your PC becomes your gadgeteer mainboard!

Background: GHI now offers almost 100 gadgeteer modules. The community and other manufactures offers many more modules. The future brings more and more modules as well.

The problem: These modules are made to run with embedded systems, NETMF mostly. But, some projects require some serious horsepower, a PC. An example is a Kinnect controlled robot.

The solution: Your PC is your gadgeteer mainboard, through a USB cable! This also means you can program the gadgeteer moduels from C#, VB, JAVA and anything else your PC is capable of!

How does it work? A “mainboard” is connected through USB to a PC. With some provided DLLs, a user can access the sockets on that mainboard directly, PWM, Analog…etc. Some wrappers are added to simplify using the sockets.

Even better: For flexibility and portability, everything will be provided open source, hardware and software. Also, the USB drivers will be available for Windows, Linux, Mac and even android! This means an android tablet can be now a gadgeteer mainboard. Or any Linux/Andoid board with USB Host connector!

Road map: We started on this already and should have something in weeks. We will involve the community in this design as much as possible.

So the question is, what would you name this product? I like FEZ Connect but this was a product that we discontinued before

The forum: this section on the forum is dedicated to this “mainboard” but we haven’t given it a name yet


Gadgeteer Gateway

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FEZ GG (Gadgeteer Gateway)

FEZ GGG (GHI’s Gadgeteer Gateway)

FEZ GGGG (GHI’s Great Gadgeteer Gateway)

Gadgeteer fatherbord

it takes his child to the hand

Gadgeteer Hub

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Gadgeteer Host
Gadgeteer Server
Gadgeteer Master Controller

Gadgeteer commander ? And I have to say I love this concept really widens the scope. Top stuff.

FEZ Personnal Gadgeteer

FEZ KraKen

FEZ Dryad

In line with mythical creature names and it’s a creature relies on a tree to live (Tree being the PC)

David Eddings fan by an chance? :slight_smile:

FEZ PC Extender where PC = physical computing



Fez Board Without An Interesting Name

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FEZ Phidget!

…wait, that’s already been taken? Lame.

How about FEZ Gizmo?

Or Gadgeteer Gizmo?

Honestly, it really does remind me of the Phidgets products. This is a seriously important need, and although DAQ boards are nothing new, 99% of users don’t need the horsepower (or complexity) these boxes have to offer.

I’d love to see you guys do something that’s open-source; I’d love to be able to contribute!

how about the Fez Master, Fez Control, Fez Hercules or Fez Pons = latin for bridge.

How about

Fez Interlink / Gadgeteer Interlink

or shorter version

Fez Link / Gadgeteer Link

How about:
Universal gadgeteer board = UGB

Universal Serial Gadgeteer Board = USGB



How about FEZ Link?

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FEZ Smoothie, I’d like to call it ‘Steel Toed Boot To The Raspberries’, but I took my meds tonight :slight_smile:

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