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You know what i am waiting for?


The email that says your panda has shipped. I even have one and I still want this email. I am converting my tabletop robot to the panda so i can stop using the I2C i/o extender and use the domino on my new robot arm that should be coming in this up coming week.
When can i get my cute cuddly white panda? I just want to love it and hold it and tell it that I love it. I promise not to staticly charge myself before holding and rubbing it. Hmmm maybe i should write a sonnet about my love for pandas. ;D


My panda my panda oh i love thee,
I am waiting for you to come in box shaped tree.
Oh panda oh panda its you i addore,
I just want you to show up at my door.
Your white board brings me a smile,
Even if i have to wait for it a while.
Your sixty IO’s bring me a thrill,
No wonder i can’t sit still.
My panda my panda oh i love thee,
Won’t you open your bubble wrap and get shipped to me


oh dear… i think bstag should be waiting for the men in white coats to come visit, not the pcb in white mask :stuck_out_tongue:


There is still 10 days to the due date…but wait is that…

stay tuned :slight_smile:


poor bstag :smiley:


@ bstag
I like your poem.

Let’s do the Panda countdown, shall we?


I can’t fight this feeling anymore,
I just want the panda I adore.
When that shipment comes ashore,
I will open the door.
Enjoying that i finally (pause) scored.
Panda i can’t fight this feeling anymooooooooore.

Thank you and good night (head bob).


hahahahaha bstag you are one hell of a panda lover :smiley:


Can the GHI team make sure bstag is the first one to get a fez panda?


bstag, you said you already had a panda, right ? Which one : this one or this one ?

In either cases, I don’t understand your sexuality :-[

You want him to stop whining (whinning ?) ? :smiley:

ps: of course, it’s all humor :wink:


Nobody has the “production” white Pandas yet :wink: Only GHI team :stuck_out_tongue:


…I take it back…one customer stopped by GHI and took one :dance:


So…many…panda…orders… :wall:

I get to pick who gets the first panda! :dance:


No need to rush it Gus. I just had to have some fun. I am really anticipating this coming. Looking forward to it thats for sure.


[quote]I get to pick who gets the first panda!

Please pick me! I did not order one, but since I am a hero now I can get it with my super powers :whistle: :-[


You got my hopes up!

As soon as I read that, I looked up GHI’s location. Michigan, sweet, I’m 20miles south of Michigan. Clinton Township? Never heard of it. [google maps search] North of Detroit? Seriously? I want my Panda, but not that badly!


Now that my one and only FEZ (Domino) is taking a tour with GHI to New York,
shall I be the first one to get the Panda??? :smiley:


Sam, you will get more than what you would ask for :slight_smile:


Ah, Panda + ???surprise???

Now, you even make me more, double, triple anxious to get my Panda ASAP? :wall:

Thanks Gus,another ten days of waiting!


You know what I don’t care what they say about you Sam. I like you :smiley: